This is a site about coding on the worldfamous Amiga computer from the '80s.

Back in the days when resources on a computer were scarce the Amiga was a shining bright star on the horizon of computers. The Amiga had marvelous colors and sounds, that no other home computer could stand up to.

But in addition to the multimedia capabilities of the Amiga it also had a few extra tricks up its sleeves:

  • the special chips with DMA access to memory made the Amiga a perfect computer to make graphical demos and games on, graphics and audio could be made almost without the main CPU
  • on the operatingsystem the Amiga had a real multitasking environment while other personal computers still had to wait for at least 10 years to get the same functionality

On this site we will be looking at some of the things that coders used to do on their Amigas. The coding examples on this site won't be heavily optimized, as the purpose of the site is mainly to show how to make things happen. Optimizing is possible, but then the code will be a lot harder to read. The only real optimizing practice that will be used quite extensively is pre-calculated tables of values (either as copy-pasted data into the code, or as calc-loops done in the initialization of the code).

At some point many of the shown effects will be made into a larger demo. Some of the planned codesnippets will be useful for gamecoding as well (scrolling, sprites, blitter objects...)

Hopefully you'll find some interresting stuff here. Content will be added on a regular basis.

Best regards,

Published on  March 9th, 2013